Teenage Me Really Did Know Best

I look back on my teenage years with the same mixed feelings as everyone else does – some wonderful, toe curling embarrassment (largely hair related), some minor shame (social faux pas and spats with my fellow teenaged friends) and mostly just relief that I got through my teen years relatively unscathed (and with better hair). […]

Last Game of the Season

Today the Romans played their last game of the season, we lost 22-17 and will now be shunted back down a division but hey ho, worse things happen out at sea. I’m just sad that though NFL Sundays are due to start again imminently and our End of Season party will be sometime next month […]

A Blissfull, Achey Week

Today is my second day back in work after possibly the best week off in the history of weeks off. I’m pretty sure that Einstein would have something to say about how much longer every hour feels now that I’m back behind my work desk. I spent a good chunk of the week working my […]

Things Sauron And I Have In Common

Summer has well and truly arrived now and the pollen count has finally reached critical levels. My eyes look like, as my mum once so eloquently put it, piss holes in the snow (one of the best phrases I ever learnt). I suddenly understand Sauron’s point of view. Here the guy is with a GIANT […]

The Taxidermist’s Daughter : A Review

10/10 Kate Mosse I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit that I bought this book based on two factors: 1) The cover is SO DAMN PRETTY 2) I’ve read Kate Mosse’s work before But mostly #1, I probably would have bought this book even if I didn’t know the author. I instantly fell in love with […]

Sunday Is Gameday (Again) !!

This Sunday was another Romans American Football gameday, only this time it came with a 2015 season twist. We won! So far this season we lost 3 games in a row and tensions were running high, the guys were bickering among themselves and it was breaking my heart to think that they weren’t even friends […]

Modern Warfare 3 : Bringing old friends back together

B-Sausage and Inverted Nips

Cartoons and calamities

Having the best kind of Saturday morning, the kind that starts with superhero themed loungepants, a cup of tea and the Cleveland show on tv. The only thing that could and did make this morning better was a text to announce that Fflei (my girl dog) was in heat and her neutered boyfriend had decided […]