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Sunday Is Gameday (Again) !!

This Sunday was another Romans American Football gameday, only this time it came with a 2015 season twist.

We won!

So far this season we lost 3 games in a row and tensions were running high, the guys were bickering among themselves and it was breaking my heart to think that they weren’t even friends any more. What’s the point of this game if you don’t score points, don’t have friends and don’t even enjoy it?

After a few spats between players over the past few weeks and a few brutal rounds of the blame game, I was expecting to arrive to a bunch of tense, angry players and then witness another thrashing dished out by the opposition but today was beautifully unexpected.

The day stated off well anyway, I took the dogs out for a walk and had a lovely chat with my friends and then enjoyed driving through the lush green Shropshire countryside on my way to the game, while listening to the ‘I’ve Got Your Number’ audiobook by Sophie Kinsella (I’ve listened to it a million times but I don’t care, even I succumb to chick lit sometimes). When I arrived, everyone was in a fantastic mood- they were relaxed and ready to go!

At no point during the entire game did that positive atmosphere waver, there were some particularly unnecessary fouls  (one of the opposition players was even suspended after getting too wound up and repeatedly headbutting one of our guys) and one score against us but still they smiled – leading us to a final score of 48-7.

The Twitter feed has the full highlights (@RomansFootball) but that’s pretty much the long and short of it.  I don’t know if the atmosphere was responsible for the win or if it was the other way round, but I’m just glad that it’s finally turned the corner and the rookies have had their first taste of what a proper game should be. I just hope that now they take all the lessons they’ve learnt so far to heart and keep training and working together.

Today was a fantastic day for the Chester Romans and a highlight of my 2015!

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