Cartoons and calamities

Having the best kind of Saturday morning, the kind that starts with superhero themed loungepants, a cup of tea and the Cleveland show on tv.

The only thing that could and did make this morning better was a text to announce that Fflei (my girl dog) was in heat and her neutered boyfriend had decided to climb aboard and got himself stuck. Bless the lad for trying, but that’s not the funny bit- that would be that he was stuck and panicking, until his (human) dad walked in and he took it as a massive bucket of cold water and ran out with both tails between his legs! Regardless of species, somethings are clearly universally awkward and terrible.

Now to choose a new book for the weekend, I started the Fellowship of the Ring yesterday but the unthinkable happened…. The text is too small. Does this mean that age is catching up with me at the tenderish age of 25?! Boo!! 


“Do not take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive” Elbert Hubbard

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