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Last Game of the Season

Today the Romans played their last game of the season, we lost 22-17 and will now be shunted back down a division but hey ho, worse things happen out at sea.

I’m just sad that though NFL Sundays are due to start again imminently and our End of Season party will be sometime next month (so begins my annual ‘I don’t need to buy a new dress’ denial. I mention it now so you can refer back to this post on the day of the party when I start writing about my panicked dress shopping experience before work), it’s going to be a few cold weeks before we all see each other again.

Going out into a freezing/raining/boiling/gusty/muddy/dusty field every Sunday and watching them put their heart and souls into each game is what keeps me sane during the rest of the week. Being a part of something and making a tangible difference is good for the soul, especially when you feel a bit ineffectual or helpless in other areas – I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Clearly, I’m over romanticising the whole thing (no, I’m not drunk) and by November I’ll look back on this and cringe but every year I get the same post season blues – at least I’ll have a minimum of 3 fantasy football leagues to keep me linked up to everyone!

A quick google search tells me I’m not the only one who suffers post-season blues and it’s actually a recognised thing! Check out these supposed solutions….


Given my complete disinterest in all other sports, I guess I’ll have to give Nascar or Boxing a fair shot… I do like sports with an element of could-get-your-neck-broken to them.

“Champions keep playing until they get it right” ~ Billie Jean King (badass tennis champion)


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