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Modern Warfare 3 : Bringing old friends back together

I had a text earlier from my old housemate, B-Sausage (not necessarily the name his parents gave him, but he still answers to it).
I haven’t heard from him in ages but his words were like music to my ears on this bank holiday weekend ‘Fancy some COD?’
When he and I shared a house, we had our respective TVs and Xboxes set up in the living room, refreshments lined up and full evenings of shooting up abusive teenagers. It was glorious.

We both moved away a couple of years ago and haven’t had an opportunity to try this again but tonight, wow! Not only am I surprised that there are still so many people playing Modern Warfare 3 online these days, seeing as the game has been out for all of eternity, but most important of all… I’m not rubbish at it any more.

It looks like the hundreds of hours I’ve dedicated (wasted) to playing on the xbox over the past year or so has really paid off skill wise, I’m not tied down to using only the two weapons I’m capable of wielding and I may have learnt the value of the occasional defensive manouvre instead of just rushing in screaming ‘DEATH OR GLORY!’ at the top of my voice.

Sure, there are other online multiplayers that he and I could play together but this one has particular sentimental value because we still know where the other one is going to shamelessly camp, and that we need to either cover them or giggle and watch as they get shot in the arse. Tonight, this arse shooting was provided by a gentleman with the gamer tag ‘Inverted Nips’ so that added an extra element of wonder to proceedings.

I may not hear from him in a while now as we’re both busy most days, I’ve signed out so I can cook myself some dinner (I’m aware it’s past 10, I got caught up!) and I know he’ll still be glued to the screen and trying to make sure he gets more kills than deaths for the rest of the night but at some point that wonderful text will come through again:

“Fancy some COD?”

Does anyone else have any sentimental attachment to certain games? I’d love to know that I’m not just crazy…


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