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Sublime Muppets

I can’t remember the backstory here but last week I had an amazing idea. Maybe the best I’ve ever had. All dark, heavy classic novels should have Muppet adaptations.   I think this idea sprung forth after my admitting that I’d never finished Crime and Punishment (regarding that…. I’m clearly waiting for my new paperback […]

The Only Reason I Have To Condemn The Kindle

A lot of people still resist the e-reader and use the argument that a real book can’t run out of battery, won’t get broken if it’s not in a case and that e-readers just lack that smell and tactile experience of a print copy. These things are true but they don’t really bother me – […]

Things I Learnt At The Gym

Recently I started going to the gym (for better or worse, I’m going to shift the weight I’ve gained due to happiness and cake) and am actually clocking up some satisfactory time there, even if I don’t do anything too ambitious. I’ve been a member for a month and gone about…. erm….. 8 timesish? Three […]

Nia’s Not A Knitter

Ah, knitting. I don’t know if I’m terrible at it because I’m left handed or because I have a black chasm of doom where my ability to co-ordinate needles and yarn should be. I tried to learn for the first time when I was in high school, but after about an hour, several stab wounds […]

Guilty Pleasures

So here’s something I don’t share with many people… I am a B-movie aficionado. I love them, particularly the bizarre, the horrific and the monstrous. Not just the Asylum flicks like Sharknado and the MegaMonster series (not that they’re not amazing) but gore fests like Cannibal Holocaust, Brain Dead and Stendthal Syndrome. I like them […]

Do Plastic Hands Get Lonely?

                                                                        I bought this plastic atrocity on Amazon the other day, in a bid to motivate myself to set up my […]