Nutrition, Health and Chocolate Digestives

I gave up on the Couch to 5K program a few weeks ago when it became clear that though the legs were willing (and starting to become more shapely! Until then, even I couldn’t consider marshmallow to be a shape) the lungs were not. I’m not entirely sure what the block was, I would start […]

The Truth Behind British Dentistry: A Wuss’ Story

Some of the thingsĀ Britain brought the world through invention and discovery: Clocks. Pencils. Christmas Cards. Vitamins. Anaesthetic. Gravity. Now, can anyone tell me why the nation that invented the fucking Harrier jet has third world dental care? I can make use of all the aforementioned discoveries of the UK (probably not the harrier jet, to […]

Welcome To Hell

I had my first gym induction in about….. 7 years…. on Tuesday! In the hour leading up to the actual induction, I was starting to think I was going to have a full on panic attack (as opposed to the adorable palpitations I was already having). I love a good phobia but I have no […]

Hear’s The Thing

I don’t like baths. A bold statement, but there’s nothing appealing about them to me – soaking in your own grit n grime and sit still for any length of time. That’s always been my opinion, but I thought I’d give it another shot a couple of weeks ago so I topped up my tea, […]