Fallout Shelter: Making It Possible To Ignore Anyone, Anywhere

I’ve had this app on my phone for almost a week now and have now lost all need for human interaction – all I need is a 50s style diner, water supply and a power station to fuel it all… When I downloaded this game, I thought it was going to be Tiny Tower all […]

Things Sauron And I Have In Common

Summer has well and truly arrived now and the pollen count has finally reached critical levels. My eyes look like, as my mum once so eloquently put it, piss holes in the snow (one of the best phrases I ever learnt). I suddenly understand Sauron’s point of view. Here the guy is with a GIANT […]

Modern Warfare 3 : Bringing old friends back together

B-Sausage and Inverted Nips

Gamer Love

Why I’m falling in love with my xbox360 all over again