Negative Reviews: Integrity or Just Mean?

So here’s my question: should reviewers post bad reviews? You’ve read a book, you’ve either finished it an thought to yourself ‘the f* did I just read?!’ or maybe you melodramatically shredded it an fed it to your pet gerbil, Gerald. What next? Personally, I can’t bring myself to write a bad review – I […]

Golden Aardvarks

It’s official, it’s time to hang up the scores out of 10 in my reviews and take up the generic but infinitely simpler 5 star system. For some reason, I’m a lot less likely to go into decimals if I give a score out of 5 than I am out of 10…. how that happens, […]

Well I Never…

During my trawl through wordpress, trying to find more reading material and folks to follow… I’ve discovered that people have a disdain for lists, though I’m not sure about the specifics for why. I suppose it is a sign of laziness and a lack of imagination, writing lists rather than a structured blob of writing […]

Blogging Etiquette

Before I disappear back into my fort, I do have to admit that I’m struggling to navigate between pages and discovering new blogs from my laptop. Does anyone have any advice on how to find new and interesting things? Are there any guidelines on blogging ettiquette? Reblogging seems like a cheeky thing to do to […]