Bookish People and the Internet: A Match Made In Heaven

The internet is one of my favourite modern inventions after indoor plumbing and toasters.

It seems like the ultimate tool for bookish people – a lot of us are introverted, busy, and don’t actually live anywhere near the authors who write our favourite books.
I’m still discovering places online to talk books, but here are my favourite things so far:

  • Twitter

    This is where I’ve met most of my favourite new authors, @LeeAnne_Hansen_ , @outfortune (Stephen Kozenieswki), @TerryMaggert and @kelkey1202 (Kelley Kaye)  to name but a few.

    Talking to authors online gives you a better understanding of their work and more importantly, reminds you not to be a dick when writing your reviews. They’re real people with real feelings, seeing their personal tweets reminds you of this.

  • NetGalley

    Ok, so my limited understanding is that a ‘galley’ is similar to an advance reading copy (ARC) – essentially it’s a sample of the book that isn’t available for sale or sharing.

    You can browse the tiles available and put in a request for any book that takes your fancy, if the publisher accepts then you can download a copy to read and then link in your review when complete.

    This is how I discovered the Everealm series, so I’m a firm fan!

  • Goodreads

I imagine that every booklover with access to the internet knows about Goodreads (I’ve been on it for years though I have no idea how I found it in the first place).
It’s a bit like Twitter in that you have to put work in to get something out of it.

Authors love you to add your reviews to this site as well as Amazon, so clearly reviewing is a big part of this site but there are also forums which allow you to find recommendations, ARCs from authors looking for reviews and generally talk books with like minded people.

I’m making full use of the reading challenge facility, I was aiming to read 100 books this year but I’ve finished 50 books so far so I may have to up my game a little bit.

I suspect there’s a lot more to Goodreads that I haven’t found yet so any pointers would be appreciated.

You can add me as a friend on Goodreads here

  • BookRiot

    I first found this as a podcast on Itunes, in my sweet naivete by typing ‘books’.

    I’ve been hooked ever since and listen to it weekly, the presenters talk about the book news of the week and they are incredibly well informed. I always feel like I’m on the right track if I already know about something they’re discussing that week!

    Each episode is about an hour long, perfect for a gym session or while cooking dinner. I can’t recommend this podcast enough, this series alongside ‘Stuff You Should Know’ are the reason I listen to Podcasts.

    There are some spinoffs produced by the same people, my favourite of which is ‘Get Booked’

The presenters answer listener emails/tweets asking for book recommendations along a certain theme, they’re so well promoted that I find myself scribbling the titles down on the back of receipts so I can check them out later and consider buying (I’m a book marketing department’s wet dream).


I’ll be writing another post on book blogs, definitely too many to add into this! Where do you get your books news from and stay up to date on new releases?
Where do you source your review copies?


8 comments on “Bookish People and the Internet: A Match Made In Heaven

  1. I just signed up for Litsy which is a combination of Instagram and goodreads. I have an Instagram account t which I rarely use and also a Pinterest which I use occasionally for book stuff. Edelweiss is like netgalley but with greater variety.

    Also shelf awareness for book news and The Guardian

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  2. I have authors I read the second that book hits the shelf! They are my core group of “I will die if I don’t have this book” authors. And I have my own subjects I study for research, but now most of my books come from a publisher. And then some come straight from the author. I am not a fan of the Star system. I know reviewers who give everything they read 5 stars in return for money or a positive review on their own books. I prefer to have the Publisher send me the books so I have no contact with the author. Except for LeeAnne of course!

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    • I did have a big personal debate about the star system but I have dished out 2 stars and even one ‘I’m not reviewing your racist travesty you call a book’. I do like the publisher route though, you feel like an ass if you have to tell an author you’ve chatted with that you didn’t like their work 😓

      May have to take a leaf out of your book so save myself some heartache!

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      • Seriously, I had authors email me over a review. One guy then stalked me on FB wanting to know why I couldn’t review his book. Well because it’s a piece of crap I said in my head! lol I ended up blocking him.


      • oh wow…. thanks for the warning! All the authors I’ve spoken to thus far have been really gracious, even if it hasn’t been a great review but I did have to turn one book down on principle because the author referred to women as ‘whores’ and ‘sluts’ on his twitter feed and kept posting up porn.

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