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Ode to the Bastard of a Week

Well, what an absolute shitter this week has been. The word ‘omnishambolic’ springs to mind and not just because it’s a damn fine word that should be used at every available opportunity. The word ‘clusterfuck’ could also be applied.



I don’t plan on dwelling on the crap though, on Sunday I met my mum’s new puppy. His name is Mr Stockley (which is a silly name for a dog) and as he resembles a fluffy potato, I am taking affirmative action and renaming him Spud.



Contrary to what this picture might suggest, the dog’s eyes do point in the same direction

Spud is an 8 week old  Jack Russell x Chihuahua, a Jack Uaua if you will. In this picture, he’s supporting a Pets At Home’s finest rabbit harness.

I’ve caught up with all my reviews for the week, I’m currently between books, my Chinese takeaway has arrived at my door and I have half a season of Masterchef to catch up on so this week may have been an absolute bastard but it’s over now and when push comes to shove…. I’ve had worse weeks and these crispy wontons are lovely.

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