Review: Clutch of the Demon by A.P. Jensen- Audiobook


4 stars




Cara is a demon hunter. When she interrupts a chain of events orchestrated by a master demon, he punishes Cara by infecting her younger sister with a fatal disease.

Time is running out. Desperate for a cure, Cara hears a whisper of a mystical being trapped beneath stone that may be able to help her for a price…


I have read a couple of AP Jensen’s books before, both in the Unmemorables series (both of which are excellent) and so when she offered me a complimentary copy of the audiobook for this book in exchange for an honest review, I couldn’t possibly say no.

AP Jensen specialises in strong, kickass female characters and Cara is no different. She’s a demon hunter who enlists the help of a trapped Ancient to save her sister, she willingly trades her life for her sister’s and finds that the Ancient has no plans on killing her.

This story is a grown up fairy tale but with violence and top notch sexytimes. Cara’s open heart and mind allows her to free the Ancient from his prison and turn into a giant, delectable warrior with a vast sexual appetite (isn’t that what we all want?). This would be where a mushy fairy tale ends but Jensen tells us what happens next – there are more obstacles standing between the happy couple and eternity in a giant castle, with room service and a king size bed. Obviously they overcome these obstacles, cos love n stuff, but it’s a very compelling listen!

Cara is an excellent character, perfectly balancing her strength with her weaknesses. I really liked her attitude to the things around her and found her very likable.
Aodhan (pronounced ‘Aiden’) is a grumpy yet lovable dragon/warrior/sexpot who has been trapped in a cavern in Ireland for centuries to give demons a chance to take over the world. He’s a little bit too unconvincing in his beastliness for me, but adorable all the same. 

This book was filled with strong women, which is something I can always enjoy. Cara is strong both physically and emotionally, she sacrifices herself time after time for the wellbeing of her family and the world at large. She has cut herself off from other people to save them from becoming targets to the demons that hunt her and is prepared to spend the rest of her life alone if it means that everyone else will be safe.

The story was told primarily from the perspective of Cara and the narrator, Beth Stewart, embodied her beautifully – she allowed the right amount of vulnerability to show through Cara’s persona without belittling her strength. She was also able to cover a range of accents convincingly and voice male characters with skill, I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to listen to more of her work.

This books had a fair amount of sex, romance and paranormal violence – which are high on my list of criteria for a good book! If you like these things, this is the book for you.
If you like paranormal action books with strong female character in charge, I would recommend you have a look at some more of AP Jensen’s work and get as hooked as I have!


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