Yonder: A Southern Haunting – THE AUDIOBOOK!

You may remember (or if you don’t, check it out by clicking on the cover) my review of Yonder: A Southern Haunting by LeeAnne Hansen just after Christmas.
I read it on Christmas Eve while snuggled up in a blanket fort with a huge selection box of Thorntons chocolates and a pitcher of Amaretto and Coke, it was divine.

LeeAnne has become one of my favourite authors of late, and the audio version of this book is another reason why. As an actress and the author, she put on the hat of narrator and read the entire book herself. I always think this is a risky move, narrating your own book, someone else may be better suited to performing your work but you’re too scared to let it go….

No risk involved in this instance, she nailed it. I can’t actually imagine anyone better suited to reading this book. Have a click on the audio sample here  and see what I mean.

Listening to this book in the voice of the author, as she meant for it to be heard, and while being 100% sober this time, I gained different perspectives. I definitely disliked poor Charles a lot less, even though he’s still an ass. I also loved Ben just that little bit more.

The creepy bits were less classically charming in the audio version and more outright terrifying, which was an amazing surprise! During a scene involving a mirror breaking, my heart was in my mouth.

Though very well executed, the sex scenes did make me giggle (the word ‘nipple’ is funny, you can’t deny it). They were seductive, professionally read and sent a shiver up my spine until I remembered that it’s like listening to your best friend reading out the embarrassing sex stories from a trash magazine, then I giggled some more.

Apart from her apparent talent  for reading naughty bits and doing character voices, it transpires that Ms Hansen is also a talented singer. There are a few songs in this book which she actually sang for the audio and it is exquisite! I don’t know how I’d expect another narrator to do these bits but it wouldn’t have been so beautiful. Another reason for my enthusiasm is that she sang one of my favourite songs which is played repeatedly on Fallout 3 and 4. She and I sang a duet…. she just doesn’t know it yet!

From what I gather, this may be the beginning of a career in narration for LeeAnne Hansen and I’ll be following with huge (I don’t like the word ‘obsessive’) obsessive interest.


3 comments on “Yonder: A Southern Haunting – THE AUDIOBOOK!

  1. I want to hear that duet, btw. =P XOXO

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