What A Jolly Day To Be In The Jeremy Kyle Audience



The view from the top of the Media City car park

What a tremendous day I had yesterday!

Jeremy Kyle is the staple TV show of all students and night shift workers (I’ve been both), it’s absolutely awful yet wondrous at the same time. You get to watch bizarre people scream/swear/sob out their private problems on national television while feeling better about your own problems, smugly eating your super noodle sandwhich in your pyjamas in the middle of the day.

My university friend got in touch with me out of the blue to let me know that she had tickets to be in the audience and had one going spare…. would I like to go? Yes. Yes I would.
Clearly I agreed to it before arranging cover at work, but thankfully that all panned out.

The funniest thing about being in the audience is that you’re judged harshly by everyone you mention it to – I just don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to go and see this spectacle!



You line up at the doors first thing in the morning, tightly clutching your ticket and ID. Once you’re through the doors, you have your bag searched and a metal detector swung about your body – had I known this, I probably would have removed at least a few of the giant handful of tampons I’d thrown in my bag a few days ago, the lady doing the bag checks looked a little surprised. I told her it was a mouse conference, she didn’t look any less peturbed, oddly enough.

After a sit down and a brew, we were led through to the studio – my friends and I sat in the front row, so that’ll be a horror to behold when the episode is aired! We’re taught how to Ooh, Ahh, Boo and Gasp on cue and generally amused by a member of the crew who was the perkiest, bounciest and funniest people I’ve ever met. I kinda wish he’d get his own show instead.


I’m going to skip the guests’ stories as the show will be aired in the next 4-6 weeks and I have no idea what the limitations are on sharing the stories in advance (I imagine no one gives a crap, but best err on the side of caution).

Jeremy Kyle himself is as much, if not more, of an ass is reality than he is on TV. A cheerful disregard for his guests, his audience and his crew – but we already guessed as much so I suppose it’s ok…?

I was fascinated by the guests, I think they’re given a general direction as to where to take their conversation but it is all done in one continuous take to be edited later – they seem to be genuine about their problems and have no issues with screaming at each other in front of a live audience.


So, my Friday was a shamelessly jolly and trashy day! Did you do anything that could possibly compare with this?

3 comments on “What A Jolly Day To Be In The Jeremy Kyle Audience

  1. Wow! My Friday was lame compared to this! What an experience! Someday I will have to tell my story of being on Lets Make a Deal with Wayne Brady and how he sang to me- I still blush when I think of it! But there was loads of rules about talking about it before it aired- scary rules!

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    • We weren’t told any rules…. So I’m going to keep my mouth shut just in case!


      • Even more scary- Smart to stay quiet- After it airs talk all you want. Mine was a game show- So it was more- don’t tell anyone if won anything and if you talk about it we might not air it and if it doesn’t air you won’t get your prize, I won money- but I thought about it as a John Dice vs John Dice situation until I actually got it.


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