Nutrition, Health and Chocolate Digestives

I gave up on the Couch to 5K program a few weeks ago when it became clear that though the legs were willing (and starting to become more shapely! Until then, even I couldn’t consider marshmallow to be a shape) the lungs were not.

I’m not entirely sure what the block was, I would start to cough ALL the time (even when not running) and feel ill for days afterwards if I sustained a run for more than 25 minutes, it was making me miserable that I couldn’t accomplish this so I’ve put it to bed and decided to focus on other things.


I have several friends who are personal trainers and general fitness freaks and one of them has set me out a training plan. I call it a training plan, it’s actually some stick figures contorting themselves on the back of an envelope that I then try to recreate later on in the gym.

On Sunday, I experienced ‘leg day’.  Today is Wednesday and I can still feel the aches – it might be that I’m overdoing it at this stage or that being sat down in work for 9 hours a day has caused my muscles to turn against me (seems likely) but I’m going to have to figure it out and sort it so I imagine there’s a fair amount of trial and error ahead!

Things I’ve learnt since doing non-running training: 

  1. My shoulders are rubbish.
  2. My legs are freakishly strong
  3. My legs know how to hold a grudge
  4. Reverse crunches are really funny
  5. I enjoy it so much more than running


Seeing as I’m determined to maintain this gym thing, I thought I’d back it up with some dietary tweaks so it’s all about the wholemeal, broccoli and absence of cheese. I also had to buy myself some more iron supplements so I switched over from tablets to liquid – good in theory as it absorbs much faster but it tastes AWFUL.
As I’m allergic to most fruit, I can’t mix it up with fresh fruit juice so I have it down to a fine art: mix it with strong lemon squash, down it as fast as possible and then get started on a cup of tea followed by a couple of chocolate digestives to combat the foul after taste.


The Offending Article- looking all lemony and innocent

 None of this stuff comes naturally to me, I generally prefer to sit in a big squishy chair and read my books while getting fat on cake but I can’t deny how much more energetic and healthy all of this effort has made me feel so I guess I’ll have to champion the notion of exercise and healthy livin’ (and biscuits). There are so many more hours to the day in the evenings when you have more energy, I don’t think I could maintain this blog or read half as many books as  I do if I didn’t regularly wear myself out at the gym so it has been a life changing experience.


‘I keep trying to lose weight….. but it keeps finding me’


4 comments on “Nutrition, Health and Chocolate Digestives

  1. First, what pray tell is a lemon squash? I say I’m going to the gym every day but it’s really just code for the Library. I really stretch to those top shelves and squat for those bottom ones! lol

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  2. I used to go running but it half-killed me. I’m much fitter sticking to Qigong exercises, some gentle gardening, and taking a brisk walk with the dog once a day. And yes, a love of reading in a squishy chair is something I can relate to. By the way, broccoli has lots of iron in it, provided you don’t overcook it. So does chocolate!

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