The Wedding, The Reading and The Denial That I Sniffled During The Vows

Thursday was the day- My wonderful friends B and D got married!

I knew these lovely folks back in school (I now look back and realise that it was a decade ago, which is a little disconcerting), they were lovely back then in their teens and have both matured in their loveliness ever since.

A week ago, B asked me if I would do a reading at her wedding.
This led to a dilemma – my crippling fear of public speaking and my overwhelming love and appreciation of this couple, so obviously I agreed to do it! I’m so glad I did now it’s done and the nerves are in the past, this is the second time I’ve done a reading at a friends’ wedding and it’s always such an honour to be asked to stand up and be a part of their day. The only thing that confuses me though is that they’ve all been great friends, how did they not know about my fear of public speaking?! I suppose the irony would be too great if I stood up and announced the fact.

The reading was the lyrics to this classic Welsh love song:



The English translation of the lyrics on the program aren’t in the right order but on the plus side I’m not convinced there were any Welsh speakers in the congregation so the secret is between us!

B looked stunning in her dress, she really was the epitome of the beautiful bride and even D had a little tear in his eye when she reached him.
What came as a bit of a surprise though …. so did I.

I remember them being 14 and sharing laughter, holding hands and hugs in the school corridors, their ups and their downs and now – here they are after more than 10 years promising that they’ll be together forever. I really, really believe that they will and I can’t wait to go and see them once they come back from their honeymoon.




There was one slight issue regarding the reception though…. B and D had so kindly arranged the menu around my dietary requirements and made sure that the decorations wouldn’t cause any allergic reactions but something cropped up that none of us could have guessed! The party marquee had been set up on a 3G rubber pitch which was sadly a Nia-free zone due to my latex allergy.

All was not lost though! I’m pretty philosophical about these things because they do tend to crop up and there’s nothing that detract from the day, my friends were now married and over the moon so I couldn’t consider being anything short of giddy.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the bar wasn’t in the marquee. So, I propped that badboy up and enjoyed a couple of beers, some tasty food and then strolled along the seafront in the sun to the train station.

There was a time, only a few years ago, where this kind of setback would have ruined my entire day but I think I’m starting to understand more about the bigger picture – there’s absolutely nothing that could have ruined that day after those wonderful human beings had announced in front of all their loved ones that they would be spending the rest of their lives together.


11 comments on “The Wedding, The Reading and The Denial That I Sniffled During The Vows

  1. I gotta say, that song is beautiful. Never heard of it before. =)

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  2. Beautiful reading and you hair looked amazing! Love this song too!

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  3. My worst nightmare is having to do speech. A reading is seems a bit safer. What a dastardly thing being alergic to a marquee. Poor you D:


    • I reckon I could write a pretty good speech but the delivery is where I fall flat, I managed this one ok because I compromised and didn’t look up from my program.

      I can’t feel bad about it – I was there for all the good bits and a cake was delivered to my home πŸ˜€

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      • Yes, I guess I could read a speech written in advance but, like you, it wouldn’t involve eye contact with the audience. Funnily enough, I’ve sung plenty of stuff in front of people (quite a bit of it from memory) but that involved using other people’s words rather than my own. Might I add, that was during my brave and daring spell. I’ve recently returned to my former nervous state about singing solos and refuse to do them most of the time.
        Glad you got to have your piece of cake. There are many things I will do for cake, where all other forms of bribery fail!

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