Interview: J. D. Wright ~ Author of the Everealm series


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If you’ve read my reviews of this series, you know that I’m a big fan – I was first attracted to the series by the beautiful covers and then fell in love with the world and characters that J.D. Wright created. I personally wouldn’t be able to pin this series down to a particular genre, I consider it to be a fantasy soap opera with fairies, swords and a lot of sex.

There are due to be 5 books in this series and I know that I’ll be reading them all! My favourite thing about this series is Everealm itself, I love discovering more about the world in each book and meeting the characters who introduce us to the new places and magics along the way.


I would like to extend a formal thank you to J.D. Wright for agreeing to this interview, I’m still pretty new to this blogging game and I get all giddy when authors agree to humour me!

J.D.  Wright

“Writing has always been a hobby of mine, beginning as a young child. It was a way to cope with losing my father at seven years of age. I started with poetry and was featured several times on the amazing poetry blog, Autumn Leaves, by Sondra Ball. My love for poetry soon led to writing songs in middle school and beyond, which I still do occasionally. Music has always been an important part of my existence, so writing songs came naturally to me. In high school, I started my own novel, however, life got in the way and I never finished it.

Fast forward many years later and I find myself married with four children, absorbed in my busy life with commitments to my family, work, school, church, and charities, among other things. One day I came across my old binder, with notes from my first novel, and it was with those notes that I conjured up the elusive Everealm.

I write to please readers such as myself, who have a love for fantasy and romance, but like a little danger and sex in their reading. I wrote the book with a mature audience in mind, who can appreciate a hearty imaginary world with magic and the unknown, but want more than fluffy love stories with wizards in them. They want the romance, magic, and danger, all wrapped into one. “

Ms Wright’s gorgeous blog can be found here  and, honestly, I’m jealous – it’s definitely inspiring me to up my game with my own layout! Having seen that her fan art page, that may just inspire me to crack out my pencils again.

Onwards to the interview!

1) What was your favourite book/series growing up?

I got my love of reading from my mother. In middle school, I began reading typical girly books like the Babysitter’s Club and Little House on the Prairie books, then I started to get more interested in mystery novels. I read nearly every one of the Goosebumps books. In high school, I wanted something more mature, so my mother introduced me to Nora Roberts. I was hooked on romance novels from then on. I also picked up the Harry Potter and Sword of Truth novels from my school library and became obsessed with fantasy. I guess that explains why I like to write what I do. I write romance and fantasy with some clues here and there to feed my mystery side. If I had to pick one series, however, it would be the Little House on the Prairie books because every time I pick up one of those books, I immediately want to go outside and garden or buy a cow. I re-read the series last year and forced my husband to buy four chickens. So, yeah…

2) What’s your favourite thing about being an author?

I love the creative freedom. I was already self-employed, setting my own working hours and being the boss but because I own a bakery, I have to make what my customer orders. With writing, I am my own customer. I write what I want to read. I create the world as I see it and having that freedom is amazing.

Another thing I discovered after releasing my books is how much fun it is to connect with readers who enjoy the series. Everealm is like a second home to me, which I love to visit every chance I get, so when someone wants to chat about the books, I can go on and on. And believe me, anytime my husband asks me what I’m writing about, he soon regrets it because I just can’t stop talking. But, hey! You get what you ask for. 🙂

3) Who are your main inspirations for your writing?

Because I read so many different genres, it’s hard to pinpoint just one or two authors who have inspired me, but I definitely have drawn inspiration from Nora Roberts, Terry Goodkind, & J.K. Rowling. I love Nora’s trilogies, and the way she brings a group of people together to solve a mystery or save the world and they find romance and interact with each other. She writes one couple per book, whereas I have several couples developing throughout the series. I love her “there is someone for everyone” approach to writing. Terry Goodkind is superb at world building. Granted, the world in his books is a bit darker than Everealm, I also strive to paint a land that is believable and majestic. One you could easily see yourself visiting. I take a page from J.K. Rowling when it comes to magic. I love how she created her own rules for how magic exists in her world and I have tried to do the same in Everealm.

4) Which one of your characters would you say you resemble the most?

Oh, gee. That is a tough one. Really tough. I can’t say that only one character resembles me. Most of my female leads share my independent and ambitious qualities, whereas most of the men in my books share my sarcasm. I would say that I have Bree’s “I am the boss” attitude, Sidonie’s “I want to save everyone” intentions, Rowan’s short temper (yikes!), Finn’s sarcastic tone, and Reeve’s dreamy romanticism and belief in fate. Oh, and Dagan’s “just leave me alone and let me sulk” pouting, as well. I’m like a strange hybrid Frankenstein of several characters.


5) Of all the Everealm couples (from books 1-3), which pairing do you like the most?

I feel like answering this question will anger my characters. Haha! I like different couples for different reasons. Bree and Rowan have a familiarity with each other that most couples in the series can never have. It’s a girl/boy next door type of love and I can really relate to them. Then again, Dagan and Sidonie’s unyielding need for each other is just amazing to write about. I surprised myself, however, because while I never meant to put Reeve and Rhea together, I have had a lot of fun with them as they are both romantics. Zander and Rianne are fantastic because everything is new to them. First taste of independence, first loves, first *ahem*. That makes their pairing special to me, as well. If I had to pick a ship to go down with, it would be Browan. (Bree + Rowan). They are the couple that grows and adapts the most throughout the series and have been both a joy and an emotional pain to write about.

6) Judging by your author’s bio, you have a very busy life! How do you manage to find time to write?

My husband helps pick up my slack so I can focus on writing and I do stay up late most nights of the week, either writing or baking (my real job). Thankfully, I am a fast typer. I have a limited work schedule right now

because we just had a baby last summer, so I have more time available than usual. I do most of my writing in the bath tub. No, I am not joking. I sneak off with a glass of pop (soda), turn on the tub jets, put on my headphones and writing playlist, and soak for hours while I write. It probably isn’t the safest way to do it, but I haven’t died yet. 🙂

7) Do you have any future plans to write any books outside the Everealm series?

Right now, I am working on Dynasty, the last book of the Everealm Series. Once that is finished, I am diving straight into the Songs Series (Songs of Everealm) which will be an 8 or 10 year jump into the future of Everealm and mainly focus on Sarita and Gabby’s journey. After that series, I may go back in time and do a single book about Anassa’s rise to power and the Shadow War. And in the back of my mind is the series I originally started to write when I was in high school and never finished. All of these books take place in Everealm, however, at some point or another. I intend to continue adding to the Everealm Chronicles, collection of short stories, in between working on everything else. Once I run out of stories to tell about this realm, I just might create another. You never know…

8) Bonus Question: Is there anything about your series that you wish someone had asked you before now?

Believe it or not, I would love for someone to ask me what genre my series falls into! Even though, I wouldn’t have a straight answer for them… I’ve been calling it a fantasy-romance series because it involves both. It is a bit mature for YA, so leaning more toward a NA series, yet it has characters of all ages. I’ve found that a LOT of my readers are YA fans, but I still put a nice “mature content” warning so they know what to expect. It’s just a mash-up of everything I like to read about (romance, magic, sex, mystery) and I have no real idea what to call it. Strangely enough, Amazon has deemed one of the books to be Fantasy-Gothic. I laughed at that one.


I hope you enjoyed the answers to these questions as much as I did. Perhaps if I ask very nicely (Hint, hint) after reading book 5, she’ll grant me a follow up interview so we can see how Everealm is getting on and what new tricks she has up her sleeve!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me and my series on your blog! And I would be delighted to come back for another interview. 🙂

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