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Review: Blood Moon (Everealm #3) by J.D. Wright


5 starsSynopsis:

The aftermath of the wildfire has caused undesirable events to unfold in Everealm. When something precious is taken from Junacave, Bree and the others must hunt down a wizard and retrieve a stolen amulet in order to save their beloved. Little do they know, the amulet may very well be hiding secrets of its own.
On her journey to a better life, away from Labara, Rianne discovers that being on her own is more challenging than she had predicted. Determined to escape her betrothal to King Carneath, she must do everything in her power to avoid being captured or else face a certain life of misery. Along the way, she stumbles upon a new ally, who may be the answer to her prayers.

Bonds are broken, relationships are tested, and new love is forged under the Blood Moon, Book Three of the Everealm Series.


Another fabulous cover, that’s what drew me to the series in the first place and they just keep getting prettier!

This series keeps getting better with each book I read, they’re like a magical soap opera!
Normally I’m not a fan of romance, especially with this many relationships on the go but each one is different and positively adorable.

This book came across as a bit of a filler, not a huge amount of action happened compared to the other two but it definitely introduced more characters and the evolution of Everealm in preparation for what I predict will be a very exciting fourth novel. That’s not to say that nothing happened, we had some kidnappings, imprisonment and magical skullduggery…. it just wasn’t as heart-in-your-mouth exciting as in the first two books.

The characters that we met in the first novel (Bree, Rowan, Sidonie and Dagan) are maturing in their relationships as two years have now passed, they now provide a solid foundation for meeting the new characters. My favourite of whom met in the last book, Reeve and the fairy Rhea – after a lot of tension and misunderstandings, they finally get their shit together! I actually smiled when it finally happened, I’m clearly going soft.

Rianne and Zander are the new power couple of this book though, Rianne is a princess from another kingdom and has been bartered off as a bride for an older man by her father.Surprisingly enough, she’s not happy with this arrangement and makes a run for it.
After getting lost a few times, she gives in to her voyeristic tendencies and spies on a young man having a bath in a stream….. and as we know, perving on attractive men in natural water features is the best way to find yourself a life partner.
They definitely have a lot more to offer to the series, as they finish off the story on their way to Junacave where they will undoubtedly bump into our favourite royal family.

Adelphie has reappeared after the terrifying ending of the last book, but what is to become of her is yet to be seen  – I want to see her and Finn have the happy ending that they deserve, but I won’t dare to believe it until I see it!

This series really is spectacular in that the author has created so many characters and couples and makes you care about each and every one, there isn’t a single character in this series that I’m not interested to learn more about. Even the villains are completely absorbing, Silas being the best bastard in the entire realm.

The language isn’t typically medieval either, which I find really enjoyable – despite the courtly nature of the series, the characters have very modern speech which makes you feel that this isn’t necessarily set in the past (despite the badass gowns) but in a parallel world with magic instead of technology.

Best of all, it’s the female characters leading the charge in all of these books – the men are still important and hold their own (though they are naked a fair amount), but it’s the women that dominate in this world. Bree is queen, Sidonie is now the Elder Mage, Rhea has her own magic and Gabby and Rianne are both kickass little madams – it’s a patriarchal world with daughters being given away in marriage and only men can wield magic, but these women will not be stepping down.

So yep, another 5 stars for the magical J.D. Wright – long may the Everealm series continue!

(Thank you to J. D. Wright for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I have no idea how I got so lucky)

‘He was glad his crotch was hidden under the table’ – best opening line to a novel ever? 

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