Books, Blogs, Teapots and the Future

Over the Christmas break, I was having one of those deep and meaningful ponderings (I was drinking booze out of a teapot and had a notebook nearby) about where I wanted this blog to go – it didn’t really start out as a book blog but that’s definitely the direction it’s gone in so I started gathering ideas about how to keep it going rather than just spending every single waking moment either reading or reviewing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved the reading and the reviewing but I’m pretty sure that my loved ones would like to see me occasionally!

I started thinking about the bigger picture and then scribbling a barely legible list down in my notebook. My ideas involved some posts about book cover art, which is one of my guilty pleasures, some other stuff that’s now lost forever under the tea stain going through my entire notebook aaaaaaand author interviews.

In the past 6 months I’ve read a load of books, written about a load of books, read webpages about writing about reading a load of books aaaaand discovered Twitter (for those of you who are interested, I’m @Most_Sublime). The magic of Twitter is that it seems to be the ultimate platform for readers to meet their favourite authors, especially those of the indie variety.

It was via this platform that I got talking to LeeAnne Hansen  and now 2015 is over and I have read both of her books, I can officially say that she is my favourite author of the year! Not least because she has very generously agreed to answer my questions and provide my very first author interview, which I will be posting tomorrow evening.

To refresh your memories about why I’m so enthusiastic about this, here are my reviews from last year :


2 comments on “Books, Blogs, Teapots and the Future

  1. I like the idea you’re working on. I’ve condacted only one interview on my blog, but I had such fun and it was so intersting, that I’m planning to do more.

    Can’t wait to read yours. I read you review of Ghostlight and it sounds good, so I’m curious to read the inteview 🙂

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