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Review: Everealm by J. D. Wright





Breestlin cannot escape her destiny to become ruler of her father’s kingdom, but she never planned to become queen at twenty-three years of age. Upon the return of her first love, Rowan, Bree must quickly learn how to adapt to both her new responsibilities as a ruler and her inability to suppress her feelings for Rowan. To make matters more difficult, her outcast uncle, Silas, will stop at nothing to get what he desires, putting lives and the kingdom in danger. Bree must seek the assistance of the wizard, Dagan, who in a twist of fate discovers much more about his family (and himself) than he could ever imagine in this steamy love story, full of mystery and romance…

Danger awaits, as we journey through Everealm, the first book of the Everealm Series.




Now here was a book to sink your teeth into. Everything I said that YA novels were lacking, could be found in this book in spades!

This story revolved around a generation of young adults destined to take over the responsibility of running a thriving kingdom, following the death of the king.
I found each and every one of the main characters fascinating and each one played a pivotal role in the story rather than one or two main personalities and a selection of supporting characters. I mentioned in my previous post that I was getting a bit bored with vague and indistinct personalities, but this was an absolute pleasure to read because it felt like meeting new people.

Bree, the new queen of Junacave, is a passionate, idealistic and stubborn woman who will do anything to keep her kingdom safe, even at the cost of her own safety.
Her is-he-isn’t-he lover, Rowan, is an even more passionate and stubborn character who will do anything to keep her safe. The two of them can always be relied upon to release some sexual  frustration by yelling at each other.

Dagan, is the new wizard of the kingdom, he will be closely working with the queen and her council to maintain the safety of the king(queen?)dom but he isn’t the traditional wizard you would expect in this kind of story. He is a great combination of selfish, kind, studious, sexual, sensitive and powerful. The author has made a wonderful job of humanising the character that normally comes across as distant in this kind of story.

Sidone is a warrior from a tribe of strong women, she knows how to handle herself in a fight and I know she has a huge destiny to fulfill later in the series, she might be a powerful woman but she wants to fit in with her new friends. She feels understandably insecure when she arrives into their world, after growing up in the forest with her sister so again, the author has perfectly humanised a character who could so easily be untouchable and unrelatable.

Finnley is my favourite character of all, though he plays one of the smaller roles. He’s underestimated by everyone even though they adore him, he usually ends up with the worst tasks and doesn’t grumble too much about it; trust me, some of those tasks really are awful.

Right then: Sex. Everyone in this book was shagging. Everyone. It’s medievalish times, Netflix hasn’t been invented yet so everyone is just having sex all the time.
Bearing in mind the Shakespearian proportions of the story and the fact that most of the characters are in their early twenties, it seems pretty likely that that’s all they’d be doing!

This book didn’t shy away from some of the uglier sides of sex either, the evil uncle shows tendencies of sexual sadism and an old man who enjoys the company of young boys (it’s the youth bit I’m creeped out by, not the boys bit).

It also dealt with a male character being effectively date raped by a woman, though it didn’t go into the after effects in too great detail, it did include his feeling victim’s guilt. I really appreciated this unflinching approach to sex as a weapon, it had to happen for the story to really make sense and the author didn’t shy away from it.

The fuzzy feels of this book comes from the younger generation all coming together at the beginning of this book and getting to know each other, so you can imagine how they will grow old together and bring peace to the kingdom. I’m definitely glad that I have the second book of this series loaded on my Kindle already, I was definitely not ready to let these characters go yet.


“No. The last time I did you a favor, I got stuck with the crazy wilderness lady.” – Finnley gets the short end of the stick, AGAIN





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