Why I’m Cooling Off On The YA Genre

As you’re no doubt aware, given the number of reviews I’ve been writing recently, I’ve been reading. A lot.

Many of the books that have crossed my path for review recently have been young adult titles and though they’re pretty good in their own right, I’m going to be making sure that only about 1 in 5 of the books I read are YA from now on.

I’ve learnt more about my personal reading tastes recently by devouring every book that crosses my path (to the point that I’m going to have to start turning some down now) and the most significant thing that I’ve realised is that I love well rounded, flawed, colourful characters – I like to know what they’re thinking, why they do what they do, what they hope for, what they fear etc.

I like the psychology behind their actions and feeling that they are real people that I could talk to. I don’t know when that became my favourite part of reading, I know I used to be all about the gore and the adventure!

This leads me to my issue with YA books: the characters aren’t fully developed (Disclaimer: In most of the books I’ve come across. Not all of them and by no means the entire genre).
There’s good reason for this, of course, the intended audience aren’t fully developed as human beings yet and perhaps the characters are written like this so that they can project their own personalities onto them and fully relate, or because they don’t yet know enough about what makes people tick to appreciate some of the nastier aspects of human nature.

Also, and I blush to admit this, I really do feel the absence of the sex scenes. I like my kink abundant and naughty!

So yeah, I like my characters multidimensional and frisky. That’s what I’ve concluded from this post…

How about you? What are your thoughts on the YA genre?


β€œAn editor asked me what led me to write erotica. I replied, “A dirty mind, excess words, and an overactive sacral chakra.”
― Fierce Dolan




8 comments on “Why I’m Cooling Off On The YA Genre

  1. I get it. We want reality, maturity, and passion sometimes! You just don’t get that from YA books. =\

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  2. Yes, I think they have only a limited appeal; there are not many 17 year olds I find interesting enough to read about! The ones I’ve liked have been written by much older writers, I find.

    Also, I think you change in the genres you like to read, don’t you? I loved light breezy Jilly Cooper type stuff when I was younger, can’t bear it now! Was surprised to find, when much older, a liking for post apocalyptic/SciFi books too.

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    • I’ve always been a fan of darker stories, but I’ve gone the other way now too πŸ˜„

      I can really enjoy something lighter as long as the characters are able to hold my interest, Sophie Kinsella books have become a guilty pleasure of mine of late.

      I did once try a Jodi Picoult novel, didn’t get very far – I just couldn’t understand the appeal!


  3. I was a tiny bit worried when you mentioned Everealm (on Twitter) being YA because there IS sex in my series. Quite a bit of it, too… (*blushes*) I hope it didn’t shock you! I’ve had several readers think Everealm is YA and were jarred when they came across the intimacy (especially the mid-air scene!).

    I consider it to be more NA than YA, because of the sex and violence, but I do get a LOT of YA readers, so… Not sure what to categorize the series as, other than fantasy-romance… Some books just don’t fit perfectly into one genre. LOL

    But I completely agree with missing the intimacy aspect in YA novels, especially considering that young adults are usually fairly sexual beings. It almost feels fake to ignore that part of their existence.


    • I did have your book in mind as I wrote this, being careful not to include it as the reason I’m not fond of the genre- Goodreads categorised it as YA, which I thought was a little off the mark!

      Your characters are the perfect balance between accessible to young’uns and developed human beings- the sex is definitely raunchier than I’d suggest an under 16 read, but at the same time if they’re doing it, they can read about it!

      I think ‘YA’ is a genre classification so that adults can censor what their spawn read, but I say they should be allowed to read what they like! It just feels like we regard reading something ‘naughty’ is more of a mental commitment than lazily watching it on tv unintentionally, and therefore bad.

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