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Golden Aardvarks

It’s official, it’s time to hang up the scores out of 10 in my reviews and take up the generic but infinitely simpler 5 star system.

For some reason, I’m a lot less likely to go into decimals if I give a score out of 5 than I am out of 10…. how that happens, I’m not sure.

This year I’ve discovered some new authors that I think I’ll be sticking to like glue for the rest of my days. Not only do I love their work but I also really like them on a personal level after reading their books and having a good old fashioned Twitter stalk (social media will make creeps of us all) – how can you even rate their work after that? 10/10 seems way too final, whereas a 5* review feels a lot less like a commitment…

Better yet, why a star at all? Maybe I should go insane and start awarding 1-5 gold plated aardvarks for literary prowes! THE FREEDOM IS GOING TO MY HEAD!!!

I’ve clearly thought about this far too much, but I thought I’d fill you in on the rationale before complete chaos and anarachy hits the streets because I’ve changed the scoring system on my book reviews.

Speaking of reviews and whatnot…. I have a few days off over Christmas so I’ll be putting up several new posts that aren’t reviews for a change! Obviously, they’ll be about books because it’s safe to say that I don’t really do anything that isn’t directly related to reading any more but I thought a nice roundup of the year; what I’ve read, what I’ve learnt and maybe plan ahead for a new year of blogging.

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