Review: Bait by Elena Hearty



“Find the vampire’s next victim. Or be the vampire’s next victim.”

Lenore has such a good time hanging out with Paul that she almost forgets he isn’t her friend. He’s a vampire. And she’s his next victim-unless she’s willing to find an alternative.

But when Lenore gets cold feet during her first hunting expedition, Paul doesn’t carry out his threat. He snags Sam for dinner instead, a young man they encounter on the ride home. And while Paul is receptive to Lenore’s pleas to keep their new prisoner alive, his motives aren’t entirely altruistic. Sure, Lenore’s willing to die for Sam. The real question is, how long before she’s willing to kill for him?

This was another really good book from a surprisingly long run of good books I’ve read lately and exactly the kind of book I fancied – not too long, light hearted but with some quality violence. The vampires were just an added bonus to the whole affair!

This book starts excellently, hooking you with the dark humour from the word go. It actually took me quite a while  to realise that this book was a sequel – I’m definitely going to have to be more careful in future with Netgalley and make sure I’ve read the earlier novels in a series if I’m pretty sure I’m going enjoy the review copy.
I can’t really overplay how funny this book was though, I had to stop to explain to my company why I was smiling to myself – oddly enough ‘that really is Charles’ head in the freezer’ doesn’t translate well as a reason for chuckling.

What I loved about this book and didn’t realise I was craving so much was the depth of characters – most of this story was about the inner workings of Lenore and the way she interacts with the other characters. It took place over about 3 different locations and had a wonderful claustrophobic feel while she was trapped in the apartment building with her captors/best friends but you didn’t really feel that it lacked any interest.

That said, I did get the feeling somewhere around the middle that the author was covering the same ground – that she’d listened to her characters bicker a little bit too much in her head and forgotten to edit out some of their repeated conversations (I know you author types 😉 Don’t try telling me your imaginary friends don’t repeat themselves!). Lenore would refuse to do something morally questionable and Paul would threaten her a bit then relent.

Lenore is brave and a survivor by nature, though she is by no means tough or perfect – she has an addiction to Xanax and has been deeply traumatised by everything that’s happened to her since being taken captive, however it’s clear that her life wasn’t exactly wonderful before then either so her ability to cope with a bad situation is probably better than that of folk with the rose tinted glasses.

I would be fascinated to read some of this story from Paul’s perspective, it’s impossible to tell how much empathy he actually has for humans and how much of it is put on for the sake of manipulating them and toying them before eating. I like to think that he has genuine feelings for Lenore, however there’s no way to be sure as he seems to lie so easily to his other friends to get his way.

It all picked up again nearer the end after an interesting revelation then a good old fashioned inferno that no amount of asbestos could overcome to the point that I’m desperately hoping that Hearty will be releasing number 3 of her series in the forseeable future!


‘Lenore had been busy staring at the couple in the next car over who weren’t on their way to die. They both looked so goddamn full of themselves’ – Bait by Elena Hearty

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  1. Ohhh this sounds pretty interesting! I really like the cover too.

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