The Only Reason I Have To Condemn The Kindle

A lot of people still resist the e-reader and use the argument that a real book can’t run out of battery, won’t get broken if it’s not in a case and that e-readers just lack that smell and tactile experience of a print copy.

These things are true but they don’t really bother me – there isn’t enough shelf space in a single house for all the things that I read, I won’t read the majority of my books ever again and with an e-reader I can download a title within seconds rather than having to order or shop for a print copy. If I particularly love a book, I will order a particularly pretty print edition so I can keep it forever to re-read or just look at every so often and remember what it means to me, but for the most part my books live in my kindle now.

The fact that my books live in my kindle also means that my loved ones still don’t really know how deep into the rabbit hole I’ve fallen in terms of my reading habits… they don’t know that I’m in 4 figures of book ownership, that I read some really unexpected things (I won’t tell if you don’t!) or that I highlight the passages that make me laugh so I can check them out again later.

The only thing that I do unequivocably miss about having all print books is the bookmarks. Real bookmarks, sort of book marks and ‘you just picked up the closest thing to hand that wouldn’t smoosh up your pages, didn’t you?’ bookmarks.








These are just a selection of the things I’ve pulled out from between the pages of my books in the past.

It became something of a bone of contention in my household that when I was in primary school, my mother would give me my dinner money cheque every Monday and by the time I got to school it would have somehow disappeared and we just couldn’t figure out why. It became apparent a few weeks later when these cheques started turning up in the school library, when other kids started checking out the books and the librarian would find my money tucked in at the last page.

I like to think that this is a lasting legacy and young children are still checking out the books I read when I was that age, get to the end of their book and a now expired and irredeemable cheque will drop out from the cover.


5 comments on “The Only Reason I Have To Condemn The Kindle

  1. I agree, miss those pretty bookmarks, but LOVE my Kindle! I want to have some made with my books on them for my prints. 🙂

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  2. I love bookmarks. They’re so pretty and whenever I see them I think oooh I want. But. I never actually use them. Even before I had my kindle, I always use to just remember the page number. Poor bookmarks sitting on the shelf unused.

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  3. I like very plain bookmarks. If they’re too jazzy, they distract me from the book and I have to hide them out of view when reading. The trouble is, then I can’t find them when I need them! I love your story about the cheques:-)


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