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Welcome To Hell

I had my first gym induction in about….. 7 years…. on Tuesday!

In the hour leading up to the actual induction, I was starting to think I was going to have a full on panic attack (as opposed to the adorable palpitations I was already having).
I love a good phobia but I have no idea where this one came from, you’d think I was going for elective surgery to have my face removed judging by the terror coming off me in waves.

Just to break the tension here, I did go to the induction and it was all dandy – I had the benefit of not being allergic to any of the equipment in this gym, the people who go there are more my kind of fitness people (the people who go because they should, not because they really want to) and Ian the fitness instructor was an absolute doll.

I’m not worried about going to the gym, just the induction part. I know that now I’ll be able to go in with my headphones on, pretend there’s no one else in the room and destroy my knees while I work on my blood pressure and cake bod, it’ll be absolutely fine. Regarding the blood pressure thing, I should probably be annoyed at myself for not starting sooner – I’m in my mid 20s and that badboy is through the roof so I’m going to have to make some changes if I don’t want to resign myself to a lifetime of yet more pills.

The eventual goal is to live knowing I’m no more susceptible to heart failure than anyone else and to finally beast that damn Couch to 5K programme – I make it to week 4 then hit a metaphorical wall. Maybe not the most inspiring of purposes (apart from the not dying young thing, I’m considering that to be quite meaningful) but that’s my goal for March of next year so I’ll keep you posted!

While I’m on the subject, does anyone know of any good exercises for crappy knees? I don’t have any damaged ligaments, just very shallow channels so my kneecaps are prone to dislocating and my knees shoot backwards….
I’m not worried that exercise can make them excruciatingly painful as long as I know that I’m strengthening them, because the running thing is non-negotiable.

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