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Review: Sicario


IMDB gave this film 8.1/10 and all of my male friends unfailingly nerdgasmed all over the shop then demanded I watch Narco on Netflix IMMEDIATELY. *

I’m afraid to say that this film landed squarely in the ‘meh’ category for me – the whole film smacked of romantic propaganda for a corrupt government : “Sure, we’re randomly and illegally detaining, torturing and killing people against our own government’s policy, but it’s ok because…. erm….. it’s for the greater good?”

I also felt that the main character was actually superfluous to the entire film, it would have rattled on very well without her. Don’t get me wrong, Emily Blunt absolutely aced her role – it’s just that the role was pathetic.
It’s tough getting female roles in action films, there are so many boxes to tick to make it right – she can’t be rescued by men constantly, she can’t be unrealistically badass unless she has actual superpowers and she ABSOLUTELY CANNOT be a token woman just for the sake of diversity.

You get the slight feeling that her character was in there as a token woman, but she made it her own so lots of of love for her there – it just bugged me that her character wasn’t a particularly good agent (explosions in the beginning, avoidable? Going into the bank, really f*ing obvious?) though I suppose that was probably the reason she was involved in the story at all.

Looks like other people had this train of thought :


On the positive side, the film was so damn pretty – the action sequences were perfect, the atmosphere was just right and the long scene filmed with night vision lenses wasn’t actually anywhere near as annoying as it should have been.

I’d recommend watching it, but not if you’re looking for some ‘You go girl!’ feels.

*I won’t be watching Narcos unless someone can convince me it’s all brutal violence and not a bunch of over romanticised crap about drugs

 “You should move to a small town, somewhere the rule of law still exists. You will not survive here. You are not a wolf, and this is a land of wolves now.” Alejandro, Sicario (2015)

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