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Summer Reading Challenge

I tried my best with this year’s reading challenge but I got about halfway through and then went off on a tangent reading-wise, so I’m going to go back to reading indie novels for a while and review those.

I did love that the challenge had me reading things that I wouldn’t necessarily have picked up without encouragement, especially ‘The Things They Carried’. I actively avoid war stories because I find them traumatic, but having now read one I have learnt that I should stop being such a massive wimp and just read the damn things because the lessons learnt from them completely outweigh the fact that you mights be dessicating from the eyeballs onwards.

So after I finally finished ‘The Dancer and the Thief’ by Antonio Skarmeta, I’ve taken some time out to focus more on gaming and actually going outside and socialising. That said, I did belatedly discover that Felicia Day has released an autobiography so that arrived in the post yesterday and is currently being devoured. Socialising will just have to wait its turn for now!

I’m feeling much more well read after this summer, but I’m definitely aware that I need to spend more time with my friends rather than hiding in my cave with my library if I still want to have them come winter! Building and sustaining friendships is hard work when you’re a shy introvert, even if they’re in your thoughts every day, you realise it may have been a while since you went the extra mile to do something nice for them so that’s definitely my plan for the next few weeks.

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