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Hear’s The Thing

I don’t like baths.

A bold statement, but there’s nothing appealing about them to me – soaking in your own grit n grime and sit still for any length of time. That’s always been my opinion, but I thought I’d give it another shot a couple of weeks ago so I topped up my tea, applied bubbles to the situation and hopped into the tub.

I lasted about 20 minutes before I got bored and got out, wrap a towel around myself and *pop*. My left ear has gone completely heavy and silent.

“Aaaah, it’ll be fine. Couple of minutes and it’ll clear itself up”

So yeah….. 2 weeks on, a doctor’s visit later and I’m still partially deaf. I can at least honestly say that I never took my hearing for granted, having had a childhood history of really nasty ear infections followed by weeks of deafness but I haven’t had this for over 8 years and I can honestly say that it’s really upsetting.

Being able to hear from one side is quite disorienting, but following conversations requires an obscene level of conversation. If there’s any background noise or echoing, you may as well give up and cry!

I’m booked in to have my ears syringed tomorrow so all being well, I’ll be back to normal tomorrow and none the worse for wear.

I can’t even begin to frame into words my respect for people with hearing problems, it’s absolutely exhausting keeping up with your surroundings when you’re not taking in sound and able to automatically figure out what direction it’s all coming from. I’ve been finding myself avoiding talking to people (not altogether abnormal anyways) and just hiding away with headphones on so I don’t have to deal with everything else. I hope that if it isn’t good news tomorrow, I can deal with it all with a little more grace as I carry on or it’s going to be a miserable time ahead!

All I have to do is look at my mother and how stoically she deals with all of her physical problems (there are many), and know that this is the last time I’ll publicly complain about my lot in life.

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