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How Sweet To Be A Cloud

I’ve decided it’s finally time to share some of my less literary exploits, though I can guarantee that the vast majority of my scribbles are less sugary sweet than this (most of them…. Ish) :

I go through phases of drawing and it’s certainly been a while, so hopefully I’ll feel inspired again soon. 

Lets face it though, who needs inspiration when you have the Paper 53 app on your iPad?!

I can draw any old crap I like and it feels less like a commitment of resources when you can just delete it or save it depending on how it turns out.

Of all the doodly apps I’ve used (and there’s been a few), this one is hands down my favourite- it’s intuitive, simple and the tools are sufficiently different  that you’re not paying for a whole bunch of sameness. 

It took a little while to get used to sketching using a stylus rather than good old fashioned paper, but I tell you one thing- erasing any  mistakes is a hell of a lot  easier with a ‘rewind’ option! I would definitely recommend this app for anyone with an interest in digital artwork or organisation. 

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