Jurassic World: Bringing Delight To My Inner Child



I’ll do a proper write up (probably) but the highlights of this review are DINOSAURS!!! There are dinosaurs dinosauring about, attacking dinosaurs and playing dinosaur games.

I saw the first film when I was very young, at a friend’s house after my mum had declared the film too scary for my innocent little eyes. As it happens, she was completely right and I have weird recurring dreams about velociraptors and a T-rex to this day…

Regardless, Jurassic Park has to be one of my favourite films of all time- I was a dinosaur nerd as a kid and I never quite got out of it. I enjoyed the sequels on principle, even though I recognise that they were less than stellar – but Jurassic World blew my socks off.

This film was a lot more dinosaur heavy than the others, it made its point about the human characters early on in the film so that we would care if they lived or died- but mostly it was about the action, behaviour and general badassness of the animals.

The point I particularly enjoyed about the film was that the park had genetically modified some dinosaurs to make them more attractive and impressive to the visitors, which is exactly the kind of ridiculous things that humans do all the time without considering the consequences. “Dinosaurs aren’t ineresting enough any more” struck me as the kind of consumer crap that would ring true, given the declining popularity of regular zoos.

There were a surprising number of unexpected actors in this film too- Jake Johnson (from New Girl, undoubtedly the best character in it) and Lauren Lapkus (from Orange Is The New Black, which I’m incidentally going to be binge watching all weekend following the release of the new season 3 on Netflix) are a cute little comedy act, which make a nice contrast to the rest of the films. People actually laughed in the cinema while they were on, laughed. In the cinema. In the UK. Unthinkable!

Henry Wu turns up in this film again, though he’s a little bit more sinister this time with his Steve Jobs style turtle necks and a nefarious diregard for nature- it was another respectful nod towards the original, along with the occasional mention and landmark from Jurassic Park.

The last few minutes were a bit cheesy for my liking, but I’m prepared to forgive this film anything for the CGI effects and action it provided- I was as awe struck this time as I was watching the original film as a child.

This film gets all of the stars, points and applause- I will most certainly be going to watch it again this week in the IMAX because  why the hell not?!

Anyone else seen this? It seems to have good reviews, though IMDB only rates it a 7.8 and someone I know gave it a 5…. a 5?!

 “[to a dinosaur] Hey, don’t give me that shit”- Owen, Jurassic World (2015)


3 comments on “Jurassic World: Bringing Delight To My Inner Child

  1. I loved Jurassic World, too! I’m a big dinosaur fan in general, and the film was what I hoped it would be.


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