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Guilty Pleasures

So here’s something I don’t share with many people…

I am a B-movie aficionado.

I love them, particularly the bizarre, the horrific and the monstrous. Not just the Asylum flicks like Sharknado and the MegaMonster series (not that they’re not amazing) but gore fests like Cannibal Holocaust, Brain Dead and Stendthal Syndrome. I like them weird, gross and downright silly.

I’m not entirely sure what it is about these films that I love so much, because some of them take themselves too seriously while others are well aware of what people think of them.
Some (most) of them have absolutely appalling acting talent, terrible CGI, barely any storyline and yet I lap it up!

Brain Dead is one of my favourites – it’s the early work of Peter Jackson, of Lord of the Rings fame.
The protagonist is a mild mannered young New Zealand gentleman with an overbearing mother. While she follows him secretly to his date at the zoo, she is bitten by a Sumatran Rat Monkey. This SRM is clearly the carrier of the zombie virus, because why the hell not?

Momma zombifies, nibbles a few other folk along the way and it all gets a bit silly. By the end, the main guy is chopping corpses down with a lawnmower and his mother is trying to get him to go back inside her now overgrown and mutated womb, again…. because why the hell not?

This film has some of the most squishy gore effects out there and manages to be stomach churningly funny! To me, at least. I watched it with my friend not so long ago and the rewombification bit didn’t really impress him.


Of course, this film isn’t to be confused with Brain Damage, another all-time classic. This one is about an LSD secreting brain worm called Elmer who likes to wriggle about the 80’s creating mayhem.



The more I think about these films, the more I realise that they shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure at all- anyone who doesn’t agree that an old woman eating an alsation is hilarious, is just plain wrong.

“I kick ass for the lord!” – Father McGruder, Brain Dead (1992)

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