Well I Never…

During my trawl through wordpress, trying to find more reading material and folks to follow… I’ve discovered that people have a disdain for lists, though I’m not sure about the specifics for why.

I suppose it is a sign of laziness and a lack of imagination, writing lists rather than a structured blob of writing but… but…. but…. I’m lazy! I’m not convinced about my powers of imagination either for that matter… Dammit.

I promise to restrict myself to a maximum of one list post a week though, until I finally have the brainpower to forgo them altogether so be patient with me!

3 comments on “Well I Never…

  1. I don’t ever do what other people say on WordPress. I’ve done it my way for three years and I’m not going to stop now. Do as many lists as you want! It’s not a book, it’s a blog! To do whatever you want with. But I do enjoy what people come up with to do…


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