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Bit of Wittering

I’ve spent the past couple of days thinking up various structured posts I could write, some of those thoughts were even good thoughts (I think) but here we are on Tuesday and I’ve decided to have an unstructured witter instead.

I cracked into another book today (The Taxidermist’s Daughter by Kate Mosse) that I picked up from the Tesco 2 for £7 shelf ages ago but never got round to reading. This book I genuinely bought on the sheer merit of it having a pretty cover and being written by someone I’ve read before – showing that I’m every literary marketing department’s wet dream.

I’m kinda curious about the pricing of books, how can you put a price on a piece of work? Someone’s put in their time and passion, not to mention the costs of materials and the work so many people have put in to it finding its way to your bookshelf? I only wonder because 2 for £7 seems a little cheap for someone’s brain baby.

I haven’t got very far into this book but so far it seems good, I love gothic literature and Mosse’s classic storytelling style. In fact, she may be one of my favourite yet least rated (by myself) authors – I’ve only read Labyrinth, back in my first year of uni, but I’m still mournful that the friend I lent it to ran away with my copy so that kind of says something about the impression it made one me.
The loveliest thing happened today too, something that reminds me that I have wonderful friends. My friends B & D are currently engaged and are due to be married next March. I’ve known B since primary school and reconnected a few years later despite going to different high schools, I met D a few years later and we instantly became sarcasm buddies. We may go long stretches of time without communicating, but they’re the kind of friends that you’ll always have something to talk about with when you do get in touch.

On to the ‘loveliest thing’- I suffer from various exotic and exciting (grim and evil) food allergies that make me every wedding caterer’s worst nightmare. My reactions to wedding food have varied from hunger to  hives to anaphylaxis, which makes every hors d’euvre a game of Russian Roulette. B & D have not only asked me for the specifics of my allergies so they can make sure I have something friendly to eat, but are going to try to design the wedding menu around my and another gent’s allergies so that we’re not singled out. This is no mean feat because between us we are intolerant to most categories of people food but they are still looking into it.

This may be the kindest gesture I have ever witnessed. This day is about them, their love and their life together and they’re planning this around their friends instead – they are the kind of people I’m so proud to know and they’ve also secured themselves on hell of a kickass wedding gift!

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like ‘What about lunch?'” – A. A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh


One comment on “Bit of Wittering

  1. Thank you following my blog. I’m looking forward to following along your book (and life) adventures, too.

    On another note–my sister also has terrible food allergies, and I completely feel for those who suffer. How kind of your friends to accommodate you at their wedding. They’re obviously good ones! 🙂

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