I Finally Understand Twitter!

I’ve been on Twitter about 2 years now. It’s a little bit embarrassing that I’ve only just figured out how to use it as a tool rather than as a more useless version of Facebook.

Fewer than half of my real life friends are on Twitter, so I couldn’t figure out why I’d even want to bother getting an account in the first place but I was brow beaten into it and sort of plodded along updating it every few weeks until two weeks ago- then I realised something. If I follow authors and fellow readers, I may get access to books I wouldn’t know about otherwise.

Et voila! I’m now 200+ followers richer and have a feed constantly populated by book reviews, author shout outs and adverts for new titles! I’m also about £20 poorer because I’ve fallen victim to Amazon one-click buying, as a direct result of having a kickass Twitter feed.

It’s all one big conspiracy to make me poor but well read and I’m powerless to resist!

It seems so simple now I look back pityingly at the foolish, ignorant me of two weeks ago but the entire scope of Twitter as a way of sourcing my next read hadn’t even occurred to me! Talking to the authors and being recommended books by real people is amazing, I underestimated the power of the internet in a big way here.

No doubt the smug, enlightened me of next month will have figured out what all this hashtag malarky is about. Next year me might start looking at ‘lists’ and finding out where things actually go when I add them to a reading list.

If you fancy giving me a follow, I’m @NiaRomans and like to either tweet or retweet funny or media related things that don’t look like they’ve been written by robots.

Nos Da,
Nia x

“Dance like the photo’s not being tagged, Love like you’ve never been unfriended, Tweet like nobody’s following.” – @PostSecret

2 comments on “I Finally Understand Twitter!

  1. I feel like you. I’ve had a Twitter account for many years but until the past 2 weeks did nothing with it. It really is a great way of interacting with authors and finding gear new reads

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    • Independent authors are so friendly and happy to talk, we’re their target audience- I love giving feedback afterwards so they know that their hard work was appreciated rather than just ignoring the fact they put themselves out there for our gratification.

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