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Do Plastic Hands Get Lonely?


I bought this plastic atrocity on Amazon the other day, in a bid to motivate myself to set up my Etsy shop again (note the fabulous handmade bracelets- that’s right, I made them!). That didn’t really work as I found myself preoccupied with other very important stuff… like sleeping, reading and binge watching Blue Mountain State. 

I did get the ultimate prank opportunity though because this turned up to my work address, allowing me to set up a secret camera (ok, an iphone peeking through the handle of a coffee mug) and hide it in the sleeve of the hoodie folded over the back of my manager’s currently unoccupied chair. 

Of course, workplace pranks don’t always work out as you expect them too- my manager had spotted it on the way down the stairs and wasn’t phased, however one of my other work friends spotted it and had the fright of her life- hilarity ensued. 

Joke’s on me though, I have terrible nightmares and wake up a few times throughout the night and now every time I do, I see this creepy ass limb in the dark… I could put it in a drawer somewhere but I think that would somehow be worse- better the creepy ass limb you can see!

The more I look at this though, the more I wonder if I should have bought a matching left hand- sure, then I would have nightmares about being effectively strangled but they could do happy, companionable hand things like shake each other, wrestle and high five. Possibly slow clap sarcastically when they see me hit my head on the desk again.

There is a strong possibilty I am reading far too much into this.

So there we go, it’s a Monday evening, I’ve just started my next book but felt I should write something of my own tonight and this, embarrassingly, was the first thing to spring to mind. 
Evening folks!

Nia x 
If you have any ideas for creepy hand related pranks, please share- so far it’s been the chair prank and in my communal fridge to scare my housemates. 

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