The Leopard Vanguard: A Review


I picked this book out while scrolling through my Twitter feed- I get tonnes of book recommendations but this was the first one that really jumped out at me, so to the Kindle store I went!

The author himself recommended that I drink soft drinks only while reading this to keep my senses alert – of the three evenings I spent reading this, I can only confess to being stone cold sober on two of them…

The hideously over-simplified synopsis of this book is:
Roman soldier leaves the army, joins a performing troupe and leads a civil uprising against a Roman mobster, with the help of a superintelligent leopard.

The first thing I noticed about this book was that Uner is clearly a history buff and has spent a lot of time researching Roman history to make the story as authentic as possible- the descriptive language was gorgeous and you could feel his passion for this era in the words. I wasn’t going to do my own homework on this but I get the feeling he knows what he’s talking about!

The character development wasn’t complete, plenty to be getting along with but you get the impression that there were already sequels in the pipeline to keep the magic going so I won’t bitch about this (along as I get around to getting the sequels). I was disappointed not to know more about the leopard, given that she made it into the title of the book, but we did get one gratuitous chapter from her perspective.

The storyline was strong and full of promise, Roman politics crossed with some magic and badass junglecats. I don’t want to give away much here, in case you’re planning on reading this- but it’s a good’n.

This book is the first published title by this author (I believe) and it does have the usual quirks that you usually notice in first titles while the author is developing their own personal style. The dialogue between characters, especially towards the beginning of the book, is cliched and possibly not genre appropriate but it does flow a lot better by the end. I did have to giggle a bit at the bad guy saying something super villain-esque and rubbing his hands together.

My favourite descriptive sentence which was definitely off-par with the rest of the book has stuck with me:

‘his swollen broken fingers now resembling soggy earthworms’

That was early on in the book, after that it’s all gut shots and slit throats that don’t look like annelids…

All in all, I really loved the writing style and the premise of the story and am confident that the niggles that  I had about the dialogue will improve throughout the series. You can also see that it was a compelling read given that I was done in 3 evenings!

“Ad augusta per angusta”
“To high places by narrow roads”

3 comments on “The Leopard Vanguard: A Review

  1. Thanks for the honest review Nia. Best, T.A.


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