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Wednesday Night, Date Night

From a lack of anyone else to go out with on a date tonight, I find myself freshly showered, wearing my favouritest (and ugliest) jammies, well fed and sitting down with a new book. I’m in the state of solitary bliss which is usually closely followed by adopting too many cats, but I digress.

I’ve recently taken an interest in this whole social media thing and to be honest, I’ve become a bit of a tart about it. The “Hey! Give me something to write about! I’m bored with my life and need something to judge!” (I think that just about fits in a 144 character limit) approach has brought me an extra 150 followers in about a week and opened a lot of doors.

To be a bit kinder to myself, Twitter really is a beautiful thing and why do authors write, if not to have their words read? I’ve been following all kinds of literary publicists and budding authors just to get my hands on something new and original to read, having realised how there are so many more books out there that never make it to the best seller list- and not due to a lack of merit.

After oohing and aahing at all the pretty books out there, and unfollowing some folk because they’re flogging the same links day in, day out without actually including any information of their own, I have now chosen the first book I want to read.



The Leopard Vanguard, by T. A. Uner. The author also has a Twitter presence, so I particularly enjoy the approachability of authors this way and it adds an extra dimension of interest to know that they’re aware of your readership.

With that little introduction in place, I’m going to put on my most ridiculous slippers and get stuck in!

Nos Da,

Nia x

“Frustrated by the Roman occupation of his homeland, a Numidian deserter names Tacfarinas started a rebellion in 17 AD against the forces of the Roman Empire” – first line of The Leopand Vangard, T.A. Uner

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