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Unfriended (Contains spoilers)

I mentioned yesterday that I went to the brand spanking new local cinema, but didn’t even bother mentioning what I went to see so I reckon now might be a good time to put my reviewer hat on.

I went to see this badboy:


Unfriended, also known as ‘Cybernatural’ was a surprisingly good film. I knew very little about it going in so I was just expecting your typical teen horror flick with many a big breasted blonde running past the front door, phone and self-defence manual to go upstairs and hide in a bathroom with no lock on the door.

But no! What I got was a bunch of convincing douchebag teenagers on a group skype session being forced to kill themselves by the ghost of a teen bitch!

I’ve never seen anything by this producer or writer before, so I have nothing to compare this work to. The entire film takes place from the perspective of one of the girls’ computer desktop via the regular social media platforms you would expect to find pinned on your toolbar. This could so easily be terrible, but it manages to work out really well! I expected that to be really distracting and annoying but you soon got into it (though I imagine it would be harder for non computer addicts).
I’m also impressed to learn that the film was produced within 16 days and consists of a few really long takes, all the actors sitting in different rooms of the same house.

The basic premise of this film is that this social group of spoilt, nasty teenagers go to a party and later on take a video of their equally spoilt, nasty teenage film passed out on the grass (she also happens to be wearing white shorts and, disaster, has shat herself) then post it up on Youtube. Surprisingly enough, the girl isn’t happy about this and makes a statement by shooting herself dead in the middle of the schoolyard.

A year later, her pissed off spirit logs in to facebook, skype, spotify and various other accounts and starts to kill off her old friends. I kind of enjoyed this bit because the tension was high, the jumps sparing and well timed, and a guy shoves his hand into a blender which is always good for giggles.

I also enjoyed the couple of uncommon things about this film, the fact that no-one gets out alive- you normally expect the mostly-virtuous brunette to get out of it! and the fact you don’t actually sympathise with the ghost at all. I mean sure, there was a brief moment earlier when the main character tried to suggest that Killy McGhosterson was going through a bad time before she died but that didn’t really do much for me.

So; Bitch ghost kills douchey friends.

I’ll give it 8/10 and propose that I should be hired immediately to come up with film taglines.

Nos Da,

Nia x

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