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Why You Should Always Go To The Cinema Alone

A new cinema opened up in my area on Friday, so I decided to drop in there this evening after work and scope it out as I’m probably going to spend a lot of time in there over the next few months (could 2015 be a better year for films? I think not…)


(Let’s all pretend AntMan isn’t on that list and move on. I’ll tell Paul Rudd I’m sorry for ever being mean to him if this film turns out to be anything more than awful, but I think I can safely say “Dude. You used to be cool.”)

Anyhoo, the point I was trying to make before being distracted by how much of a raging disappointment Rudd is, was that if you ever tell anyone you’re going to see a film, one of the first questions is ‘Who with?’. (I know it should be ‘with whom?’ but people just aren’t that pretentious where I’m from)

With myself. I am going on a self-date because I know how to treat a girl right and here are the reasons you should do the same:

  • No Waiting

    No one is going to bail out and ruin your plans. You don’t have to arrange lifts and food with anyone, no changing the time or day so that it suits everyone else.
    Getting a full group of people to the cinema at the same time is like herding a team of footballers away from the halftime jellybabies, it’s just not going to happen.

    Go when you want, leave when you feel like it. Awesome.

  • Wear What You Want
    There’s no-one here to impress, dress like an absolute bum and no-one will ever know! Alternatively, you can take it in the other direction and spiff yourself up a bit, no-one’s going to judge you for overdressing because no-one there knows you!
    Personally I always dress like a bum so none of my friends would even notice if I didn’t make an effort with my appearance, so I’m pretty safe on this one.
  • The Popcorn Is Yours
    It’s dark. No-one knows how much food you have or that you’re the only one that will be eating it.
    The guys at the concession counter don’t know you’re not waiting for your significant other to arrive while you buy the large popcorn, huge bucket of coke, hotdog, nachos and M&Ms.
    They need never know and you can have all that delicious, overpriced food to yourself!
  • You Actually Like The Film
    No going to watch films out of guilt and/or love. You can watch a film you want to see, even if no one else you know would enjoy it- balls to them! This is your self-date. You’ve taken yourself to see it because you love yourself very much and it’ll make you happy, you just want to see you smile…

    That’s right, you can take yourself out to the classic date night haunt! I promise you, no one is staring at you and you’ll enjoy the film just as much if not more than you would with someone sharing their germs with you in the dark.

    Nos da,
    Nia x

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