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No Take Backsies

I can’t BELIEVE that Nigel Farage hasn’t gracefully bowed out of leadership after his overwhelming failure as a leader. (Ok, yes I can believe, but I just don’t want to)


Mr Farage had previously said he would stand down after failing to win a seat in last week’s general election.

But the party said there was “overwhelmingly evidence” that UKIP members did not want Mr Farage to go.

I don’t care how much ‘overwhelmingly evidence’ there is, you illiterate ignoramii (plural of ignoramus or just latin for ‘bag of dicks’?), you should allow him to stand down and then follow suit. Honouring perhaps his only display of good judgement in his entire career.

I did forget to add one more of my favourite UKIP fails to my last list, which was a particular shame because it was the one that initially lit my ire against them:


(Check out the comments at the end of the article, there’s some priceless trolling on both sides of the argument well worth a read)
I owe Paul Nuttall a great deal. Without him, I would never know that it’s possible to become so angry you feel physically sick, and it’s always good to know something new about yourself.

The lowdown on this is that he went to Porthmadog, a primarily Welsh speaking area and didn’t take a translator, any Welsh literature or consider his target audience before going there. He was questioned, probably not too politely, about his poor decision making skills and he came out with these gems by accusing his hecklers of being:

“the enemies of free speech and anti-democratic.”

“We are one country, the majority of people in Wales speak English, if people come here they should learn English.”

This is what finally put the nail in the coffin for me and proved them to be a bunch of ill informed, irrational fools. Assuming this view is shared by other members of the party, UKIP’s hard stance on immigration has absolutely nothing to do with taxes, the EU or ‘keeping Britain British’- it’s about keeping Britain English.

We are a group of different nations with our own rich heritage and languages, each one should be treasured. We have people from all over the world (not ‘migrants’, people) who want to come here and be a part of that even if in some cases it’s primarily for safety and healthcare but we should be proud to have those things to begin with rather than vilify the people who want to make use of it.

To summarise, I wish Nigel Farage had just stayed under that rock of his and had a good long think about what it actually is that makes us British.


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