Going Back For More

So today is my second day of writing, so that’s always a good start!

I looked back at yesterday’s introduction and realised that there’s a whole lot more to me that I could add, if I really wanted to. It’s quite nice to think that I need a minimum of two posts to fully introduce myself, I might not be desperately boring after all.
My first post was published just over 24 hours ago I’ve already had a meaningful discussion about velociraptor excrement and plastic ponchos so I know I’m going to love the people I meet along the way. All comments are welcome (apart from the obvious douchebaggery of trolls), extra points awarded for puns, nerd references and links to pictures of cute animals so please get in touch, especially if you have any advice on how to keep going once you’ve started a new blog.

Not being quite ready to start reviewing my latest read, The Hobbit (as you may have guessed), I’m going sit back on my very unstable office chair and tell you a little about the fabulous hound you see in my banner.


This little beastie is 3 year old Welsh collie Fflei Bach; a.k.a. Fflei, Fleabag, Princess, Treacle, Put that down, Why are you so muddy, GIVE ME BACK MY SHOES!!

The back story here is a little complicated, I lived on my family farm until about 2012 and I chose her from birth to train as a working sheepdog, she lived with me for about 5 months until we were both unceremoniously asked to leave- she then spent months of her life in kennels, at my mum’s new house (who had also been unceremoniously told to leave at a later date), with my best friend and his family in the Welsh mountains and now, for the longest stretch and for good, my other best friend’s parents who may well be the most wonderful people the world has ever known for so many reasons.
I can’t technically call her my dog any more in terms of ownership, but I see her every week for quality time and she is still by far the best reading companion that ever there was – she loves being read to aloud and I’m just sucker enough to do it as long as there’s no one else around! The points I’m trying to get across is that I love her, pet ownership should never be taken lightly and that I desperately needed to shoehorn a picture of a dog in a hat in here somewhere. It’s a dog in a hat. Why wouldn’t I do that?

The hat in question bears the logo of my UK based senior american football team, but more about that another time. For now, all you need to know is that you now know the dog who likes to hear classical literature and that somewhere, somehow, she is planning to steal your left shoe.

“He was soon fast asleep forgetting all his worries till the morning. As a matter of fact he was dreaming of eggs and bacon” – The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

Nos Da, (Goodnight, in Welsh)

Nia  x

3 comments on “Going Back For More

  1. Hello Nia

    We share the same sentiments, only you articulate my disdain for UKIP better. I will be visiting your blog daily:) I like. Very much. Welldone.


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