Hello Blogverse!

Hi there, My name is Nia, I live on the Welsh border (technically in England but I can’t bear to admit out loud that I left my motherland) and I’m an avid devourer of stories and creator of… stuff. I would say that I’m pretty funny but I once heard that if you have to explain it to people then you’re probably not funny, so I won’t (I totally am. I’m hilarious. You know it’s true).

My questionable arty skills range from sketching and painting fantasy/cartoon characters and animals, creating characters from clay, making leatherwrap bracelets and drawing faces on cupcakes. I once made a clay model of pikachu which ended up looking like his redneck cousin, Pikachuck, so I will be sure to post up some pictures if that ever happens again.

As for stories, I prefer my yarns served up in a delicious book with the odd graphic novel as a side dish but I also love computer games (Xbox360 is my platform of choice), films and listening to people talk and share their experiences. There’s nothing I don’t enjoy hearing or reading about but my particular favourite genres are paranormal fantasy, horror, alternative history and British classics (cliched, I know, but there’s a reason they’re called classics).

I can’t possibly choose my all time favourite stories but at the moment my favourites are:

Book – Jane Eyre

Game – Fallout 3

Film – Jurassic Park

TV series – Firefly

Graphic Novel – Fables

There’s so much I hope to share with you but I think the main aim of this is to explore a mutual love and passion for storytelling as well as indulge myself in a dramatic overuse of brackets (had you noticed yet?) and develop my own tastes. I always have at least one book on the go which I carry with me everywhere in case a cheeky little reading opportunity should appear, so I will always include my favourite extract of the day’s book in my posts.

To start us off:

“Dear me!”  grumbled the hobbit. ” More walking and more climbing without breakfast!”
The Hobbit – J.R.R. Tolkien

I didn’t have a chance to read much today, but this line carries an deeply important message and reminds us all of the outstanding importance of breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies and brunch.
On that note, I declare my first post posted and I can only thank you for reading and wish you a fabulous evening!


12 comments on “Hello Blogverse!

  1. I love Jurassic Park. It was my childhood film series. The soundtrack gives me goosebumps. Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome to the blogging world, looking forward to seeing your posts!


  3. Ah, that’s lovely! Just followed your blog.


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